• Advertising versus Public Relations. Okay, I was going through my Sitemeter stats - okay, it was a blego weekend, but I also read Sitemeter to find links to other interesting things - I found this pretty good article on What is written reminds me of what the late, great Fred Hoar used to say about advertising and public relations: it's pay for play versus pray for play.
  • PR Blogosphere ... uncovered! Mike Manuel at Media Guerrilla breaks it down for a few PR bloggers, and who is posting the most. Matthew Podboy of Active Voice then breaks it down in the comment section on how much billable time is probably wasted on blogging.

    In defence of the POP! PR blog, I post either in the morning or the end of the day, and I think that the Snippets should be broken down per bullet points. ;)
  • Who the heck are these people? Finally, a smart social networking site - Meet the Neighbors. This seems to be a better idea for New York or Los Angeles, but not sure how it would work in suburbia.

    Not sure, though, what the business model and revenue stream is, but I think this is a better bet than Friendster.



  1. Hey Jeremy! This is Micah from Roberts class. I wanted to thank you for finding potential internships for us!!! In my very first blog i expressed concern about finding an internship and i appreciate you helping us out. I actually just applied to a PR firm in NYC that you had suggested. Hope it works out!!! Again, thank you for your help. I know you don't have to look for these internships for us and I appreciate you taking time to look out for us.
    Thanks again,