This is an interesting take on X/Twitter. Twitter (I really can't call it X yet because it's so stupid) has always a much larger influence than it should have because the media was involved and invested in the platform. Did that cause a (questionable/bad) feedback loop? Most likely, and that caused Twitter to have a greater amount of press than was warranted. But if the new generation of journalists coming up don't feel the need to be on it, does that help accelerate its demise -- ignore the hope that it turns into a superapp, which is likely never happening. I can think of a lot of journalists that made their name on Twitter and were able to take that celebrity to Substack and new outlets. So that's the other part of the question, if it's not Twitter, where are journalists and media going to find audiences? I'd really like to hear from younger journalists (I know I'm connected to a few) and get their takes on this.

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