An interesting content strategy -- deleting old articles for better search results -- that was pretty much quickly dismissed as a wrong strategy by Google to the point that they did a Tweet (X?) thread on the subject. The last quote is the main point for me (which makes it sad it was so far down): “CNET’s owner’s decisions to lay off a significant portion of its news staff, lean in on AI for articles and focus on profits from referral links already tarnished CNET’s reputation, and now they are literally erasing its legacy,” said a former CNET writer who asked to remain anonymous. “Beyond the damage to historical records, this hurts every long-term employee that Red Ventures laid off, who may be relying on their clips in job applications.” I also have a major aversion to deletion of content and find it akin to book burning, but that might just be a me thing. The written word should be valued, and just wholesale deletion of articles, blogs, etc seems wrong.

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