My Suck Up Post to Jeremiah Owyang

I expect to see a lot of these posts today - some as suck-ups, some as true congratulatory posts, some just to jump on a meme. It was announced today that Jeremiah (and a couple others) have joined his old colleague, Charlene Li, at Altimeter Group after leaving Forrester.

I have known Jeremiah since he organized the Lunch 2.0 at Hitachi (I still have the T-shirt and vandalized my old office with the sticker) and probably before then. I have been lucky enough to get to know him prior to Hitachi, and was happy for him when he made the jump.

I've read his blog off and on for the past few years, when headlines have caught my eye and there's things that I know I can learn from his insight.

And, I've watched him be attacked as a fanboy of social media and Web 2.0 by people that don't know him - but can easily throw rocks.

That's the thing - Jeremiah really doesn't talk much about his past experience, and he does love social media and Web 2.0 technologies (maybe, sometimes too much). But that exuberance is real, not just some fake excitement that many people have about the technology and space because it furthers their career. Jeremiah lives in this stuff, and enjoys it.

If you know me, though, you know my stance on social media experts - it's easy to talk the talk, but being in the trenches and actually using it is QUITE different. And that is the background that he doesn't talk about. He has fought the fight that those of us that do do the work have fought, and continue to fight. He's been in the trenches at a company culture not know for pushing the envelope, but keeping pretty steady.

The man has his battle scars - I am sure - from his work in social media at Hitachi Data Systems. That is what makes his a real warrior and someone to listen to in this space: he has fought the good fight, he's lost some battles, he gets attacked by others, but he takes it all and keeps soldiering on.

Let me be one of many to congratulate both Charlene and Jeremiah. Great addition to the team, and good luck on what is likely going to be a great journey - and I'm lucky enough to call him a friend (and his wife, who cracks me up with her eye-rolls at me).
  1. Man Jeremy, I'm blushing right now. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment about this, and you remember me back in the early days.

    Your long term friend, Jeremiah

  2. Very good! i interesting about PR .

  3. Nice post Jeremy and congrats Jeremiah!! Ahh the lunch 2.0 days...

  4. Fab to meet you face to face this week! Onion rings at midnight - fab way too bond. Thanks for dinner... I owe you.

    And Jeremiah's presentation at Blogworld was one of the best I attended.

  5. MrsNatalie, it was great meeting you in person.

    And of course I was gonna get you onion rings. I'm good at listening, and stuff like that. :)

    Hope you had fun!

  6. (Wish Jeremy would write a blog post like this about me!)

    Congrats again, Jeremiah.


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