Well, a video - it ain't a post, but it is something

And, a little bit of love to J Dilla and Stones Throw. RIP Jay Dee.

Update: Okay, J Dilla was too loud. In a nutshell, I left Weber Shandwick, I took a job at The Point, and I will be doing my longer post about leaning against windmills (or what it's like being on a Quixotic mission for a year and a half).



  1. Sorry to hear about WS. Congratulations on the new gig. Did you move to Chicago?

    Need to check out the video.

  2. I'm a little late to the game....but congrats Jeremy on your new job! I wish you so much luck and happiness. I'm sad though, that I'll never get to take you up on that offer for a FREE lunch when I move back to Cali and strategically run into you up north :P.

    I like your new FB profile pic, BTW.

  3. @John - nope on the move to Chicago, but commuting back and forth. Not so sorry about the other. :)

    Jessica - thank you for the kind words, and the offer still stands as I will still be living in SF.

    And, thanks. I liked the pic - it's not me with my cheese-smile. :D

  4. A Dilla fan in this sheltered, 2.0 universe?

    I'll be damned. Subscribed.

  5. Of course Jamie. I am a boy from the D.

    Donuts. It's about Donuts.

  6. Indeed. Love Donuts, though im partial to the Pharcyde work on Labcabincalifornia. "Bullshit" is probably the dopest beat i've ever heard.

    Do you check for Black Milk out the D? Probably the heir to the throne.

  7. You're the second person to mention Black Milk to me.

    And, Pharcyde is always great.

    Just bought Lupe, and love it.

    Ping me via email.