Calling out fuckers

Okay, since I post my contact information (email address and IM names) on my blog, I get some interesting emails and IMs. I have met some great people through the blog as friends, colleagues, networking opportunities ... even new business.

And, I know I have teens that look at my blog, because I have had some very nice emails from high school and middle school students - and I always try to respond, and help them out. It's the same reason I'm a War Eagle - you know, for the kids (yes, Hudsucker Proxy reference).

So, I thought I got another one of those, but an unhappy one. Here it is, verbatim.

Subject: Are you the real jere
my pepper
From: Monica Salvitti (

We don't think so


Okay, I laughed. I thought a 12-year-old got upset that I had the same name as a friend, so called me a "fucker" - it's immature, but hey, who can't remember the first time we realized we were not the only "Jeremy Pepper" or your own name? Come on, I was heart broken, and then totally weirded out. So, yah, the "we" would be Monica and her friend Jeremy Pepper.

But, wait, it is not a child or tween. It is an adult, a publicist in Australia that started a publicity firm, Revolutions Per Minute, in Australia. Maybe the "We" is her and Nicole Hart, her business partner. You think Sony Australia would train its people better than to attack randomly...

Why I am a fucker is beyond me - hell, I don't know anyone in Australia beyond other PR bloggers, and I am pretty sure that Paull Young, Trevor Cook and Lee Hopkins like me - or, at least tolerate me. :)

But, it makes me wonder. We are at a crossroad in PR - heck, I am speaking about this such thing at Web 2.0 Expo - and the fact is that the world is shrinking (not getting flat, sorry people). But, with Google and search and blogs - what you write and what you send electronically to people can be read by many if a person decides to blog it.

That is the best counsel you can give a client now - there is no such thing as a quiet launch, geography has disappeared, news has become worldwide. And, watch what you say or email.

Maybe you'll be the "fucker" on the other side of that email.

Photo by Chris Heuer - is that the face of a "fucker"?!?

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  1. LOL - Reminds me of the South Park tune, Uncle Fucker.

    I'll vouch for you virtually. "I've met some fuckers online and you sir are no fucker."

  2. On the one hand Aussies don't really get online stuff yet, so you'll seem like Sherlock Holmes by tracking them down with Google.

    On the other hand, fucker's really a pretty friendly salutation by Aussie standards.

    Heck, you shoulda heard my Grandma when a sheep would go the wrong way out in the paddock - she could make your crudest American Gangsta Rapper blush ;-).

    Funny post... fucker.

  3. yeah, sounds a little less harsh if you pronounce it "fuckah".


    - guy who's mum wuz a nice sheila

  4. From the way you quote it, "Fucker" looks like the way they signed their name. Maybe it's a nickname. :)

  5. ha ha ha!!! This is brilliant.

    Now, if they called you an "old bastard" we'd *know* they were being friendly, but to call someone a fucker... well, that's downright rude if you've never met.

  6. >Photo by Chris Heuer - is that the face of a "fucker"?!?

    I dunno... the guy looks pretty fucked to me ;-)

  7. What a moron. I can't fathom what she was trying to accomplish.

    However, your title certainly brought me in from the feed reader, so it certainly worked. Link bait if I've ever seen it, and quite effective.

    Of course, now everytime I see that word I'm going to think of you. LOL

  8. I think the email really was from Strong Badia, not Australia.

  9. I remember being at a rugby match in Syndey years ago when the Aussie all-stars were taking on the New Zealand all-blacks. I was sitting with a bunch of Aussies and I said "I don't know who to root for..." which set them all to laughing their asses off. They explained what "rooting" means down there...

    maybe a fucker who roots is really a hot single dude who gets a lot of tail?

    You go boy!

  10. To offer the eternal optimist point of view, perhaps she was signing off as "fucker" herself and not pointing the "fucker" at you.

    Then again, optimism never got me anywhere. Does that make me a fucker, too? Oh, I so want to be.

    Calling out is always risky, but very appropriate in this instance. Nice one.

  11. Jeremy, you may have brought your fucker status into question by posting their e-mail on your blog.

    You could be a ...

    crazy f*er
    mean-spirited f*er
    sharp-witted f*er ...

    In any case, and in the spirit of their post, go see this:, you motherf*er...

  12. I'm going to put in a special request to have "FUCKER" tags made up for the next WOMMA conference. Well, at least one. :P

  13. frist of all, war damn eagle. I didn't realize blogging was such a "to do"... people really get their knickers bunched up over certain posts. I am however glad we can live, and blog however we feel. And although nothing you say on the web is a secret, we know what we type. We know good and well what we are saying and showing the whole world.