Where the fuck you been, Jeremy Pepper?

Last time I blogged, it was August 21. It is now close to my birthday - October 21 - and someone IM'ed me with "where the fuck you been?"

Well, I have been around. I have had family events, I had some things to do, I have some things to figure out - but not going to share those personal details of my life. But, well, when you are in a space, you keep quiet. And, I decided to keep quiet - and, well, at one point for a week, I stopped reading blogs. Everyone should do that - take a break and live life.

But, I do have a lot of topics in the hopper. Some might be old - geez Jeremy, nice and dated - but things still need to be said. Some topics don't value being commented on - spinach needed a blog as much as I need a luch in kup. And, well, wouldn't the best blogger for spinach be Popeye, and oh no, that means character blogging and we all know how verbotten that is. (Pretty good - Yiddish AND German in one paragraph).

So, look for more blogging again - but think pieces. I think there is enough crap out here from so-called experts touting MySpace for business and trotting out Technorati lists, while obviously not getting that social media is about ... community. There's enough crap out there - PR needs think pieces with weight, not fluff - and to find smart ways to work with the community, not force itself on the community or celebrate fake celebrity.

Oh, and it's a big birthday - the 35th - so I am fishing for gifts.

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  1. Good to have the Pepper back.

    And BTW - we share the same birthday (though we are a few years apart, and unfortuntely - not to my favor).

  2. two comments:
    1) take care of yourself
    2) dude..is that a pink shirt in the new picture?

  3. Happy birthday JP.

    Judging by photo in this post you've aged quite a bit! ;-)

  4. Thanks for coming back. Love the comment about those not getting social media. Going on my quote board. Don't feel too flattered. Beavis is on there as well.

  5. Josh: I think the photo is Jeremy's preppy-shades slash I'm-secure-enough-in-myself-that-I-can-wear-pink look. (At least, that's what I think when I wear the pink shirt my youngest son bought me.)

  6. @Kristie - Yes, Libras rule, even though we are insane.

    @Josh - time off is always good to rebalance. And, yes, that is a pink Lacoste. It's about bringing back the '80's.

    @Stephen - thanks, and I am turning into a Popeye.

    @Jason - and, hey, I am a Beavis fan.

    @Mike - yep, that's it.

  7. Potty mouth.

    Good to have you back, Jeremy. As always, when you do come back to fray, you do it with style. Good post.

    Happy Birthday!

    Now, what is your shirt size? You oughta add that to the wish list. That way, just imagine the pink shirts that'll start rolling in to you.

    Take care.

  8. Welcome back, Jeremy.

    You're right to avoid the "me too" mentality -- too many in the PR blog-o-bog are stuck in daily diligence, and are adding volume instead of value.

    Heck -- my blog hasn't even been missed... although there are two ways of looking at that.

    Happy Birthday! Your gift from me is waiting for you in Fourth Life.

  9. @Robert
    Yep, I swear but I string profanity like poetry. Medium on the shirt size. ;)


    Yep - okay, just hectic. Thanks!

    Not true - we miss the writing, but just as glad that the new gig is going well. I am doing a post on thinking like an outsider to keep the perspective. :) And, yep, Fourth Life rocks!

  10. 35...ah...the good old days.... :) It will be a fantastic year. Enjoy!

    Glad you took some time off to have a little non-techno fun. Good for you! Welcome back.

  11. Thanks Donna. It should be a good year, I think. Or hope.

    Well, it was more stress related time off and a cleansing - some others should probably do the same - but it's good to be back and I am trying to blog on an almost daily basis (no weekends, though).

  12. If the jeans get pegged I'm out of here

  13. Mazel Tov bubbie - good to have you back. I promise to take you out to the new SF deli next week for your Bday.

    And yes - THINK pieces (can't wait to read em)


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