Come Join Me at Social Media Club and Blog Business Summit

Okay, I don't play this game ... but here we go.

Some times you have to promote where you are going to be, where you are going to speak, and where you are just going to be hanging around.

So, on Monday ... come see me in a different Thomas Pink shirt and maybe Red pants. I can't promise that that is what I am going to wear, but there's a shot. The Social Media Club is hosting "From Social Media to Corporate Media" down in the Valley, and is offering my special readers a discount.

If you buy tomorrow by 8 PM PST, enter the "IGETIT" discount on the buy page, and get $50 off. It's not an expensive ticket, so it's going to be even cheaper! Come learn about social media, where the corporate communications is going, and, well, see me.

Then, if you can come up to Seattle, it's time for the Blog Business Summit. I will be leading a breakfast panel with Jeanette Gibson, New Media, Corporate Communications (she's in charge of News@Cisco and Blogs@Cisco and she's doing a bunch of cool stuff as well) from Cisco and John Starkweather, Group Product Manager, Mobile and Embedded from Microsoft on the future of new communications. We also have a discount for friends and family and associates of me (and, well, I guess Weber Shandwick - we're a sponsor) for $100 off. That discount is: WEBSHAN.

Come see me in red pants on one day, and a suit on another. I might not be as dapper as I am with John Markoff of the NYT at the Office 2.0 conference (photo credit to Chris Heuer - the brain behind Social Media and BrainJams), but still is going to be fun ....

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