Are Vlogs Heading Mainstream?

With the love of all that's YouTube, the hubbaloo over the Rocketboom/Congdon saga, vlogs are now more a part of mainstream media. Plus, with companies like 88SLIDE making vlogs that are slick looking and reflect mainstream gameshows, does this mean that vlogs have made it, and the general public is going to start downloading (iTuning?) in droves?

Well, after the great Scoble hiring saga (everything is a saga tonight, because it has been a long day), looks to be taking podcasts and now vidcasts quite seriously.

They've bought two of my favorite vidcast star/producer: Irina Slutsky (who always manhandles me on IM) and Eddie Codel. Geek Entertainment TV is now part of the Podtech network, with the official announcement.

I asked uber-SL'er and podcaster, Eric Rice, for a quote: this shows how vlogging is just normal media. Video is just media, sometimes we like to see, not hear. And other times, it's reversed. Wow, we're pretty normal after all.

By having Irina as the interviewer (she is former Red Herring, don't forget) and Eddie producing, it takes the level of vlogging at Podtech to a higher level, and shows that Podtech is serious about the market.

Plus, well, Irina rocks. :)

BTW, photos by Eddie. :)

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  1. Thanks Jeremy for the kind words. We're serious about our passion for creating entertaining videoblogs. Now that we can eat more than raman noodles, we can stay inspired.

  2. Raman? All that sodium is going to make you guys puff up, unable to shut your eyes because they'll be so dry, and cotton-mouthed on camera.

    That's it - next time I see either you or Irina, I'm giving you water.

  3. Yuck, borscht. Knish, knish, knish, knish...

  4. All this food talk is making me hungry!

  5. What's mainstream? Rocketboom supposedly got 250,000 viewers-a-day at its peak. That's only about 350,000 less than who watched the first Stanley Cup finals game. Then again, it's about 350,000 less than who watched the NCAA Softball finals.

    I also saw something yesterday that said a quarter of all Internet users view at least one video on the Web every week.

    Yet, I (optimistically) think we are more in the phase, that say, hip hop was in 1984. Many said it was a passing fad. Almost all those doing it knew each other and referred back to each other. National media started hyping it. Yet, was it mainstream? Not by a longshot.

  6. Is video mainstream?

  7. Video is always mainstream. Video injured the radio star, and TV killed the radio serial.

  8. The wave is just begining. My own sister says "wow, you're into something really obscure." Really? Am I? Not for long.

  9. I think so too. Everywhere you go on the blogosphere you see vlogs. It's not so hard to get something from YouTube or some other sites out there and insert them into your blog. Who knows, amybe someday these vlogs might even get better.


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