What blogs do YOU read

From the weekly Sam Whitmore's Media Survey teleconference ...

Forbes Magazine (famously known for its bloggers attack!! story) managing editor Dennis Kneale:

There are none I religiously read, but I do read Gawker and Romenesko for media coverage. The WSJ daily coverage is more informative for what is going on than any blog.

ValleyWag from that 20-year old kid – why should I turn to that for insight or information?

So, yes, I am on these teleconferences and I figured this would be a fun question to ask different reporters (what blogs do you read?), as it was asked prior at a PRSA event, and the answers were interesting. Sam Whitmore also has a great Podcast for PR people here.



  1. lol - so many legacy media types seem to have that attitude, god forbid they admit that some value may be had from reading bloggers...

    so, since you ask, i religiously read these - http://www.technorati.com/faves/mdunn

    and i skim or search all these - http://www.bloglines.com/public/glemak

  2. Cool to hear that he reads Gawker, and cooler to hear that he's too cool for Valleywag. The feeling's mutual.