Vloggercon » The Art of Storytelling

Okay, yes, I am trying to live blog at Vloggercon, and the first session that I care to liveblog is on The Art of Storytelling. Stephanie Bryant (the leader of the session) is currently writing the "dummies" book on video blogging, and she previewed chapter 8 during the presentation.

She talks about a type of narrative - the quest story, the Star Wars/LOTD type story. It is about bringing thought to the video blog, bring a story that is more than just video clips (see YouTube if you want that).

Bring the plot. Bring the noise. Bring the pain. Okay, really was just bring the plot, but I like better terms and lyrics, but there is a lot of both pain and noise to plot.

This is pretty basic PR information - it is about telling a story - but think about that. Most people do not know how to resonate, how to tell a story. As PR people, that is our gig - or it is supposed to be - and we should be able to package a story via press release, VNR, video, radio.

But, it is a good reminder that when we tell a story - no matter the medium - that we need to remember that we need to tell a complete story. Think of when you write a press release, and the 5W1H rule. We are telling a story with the headline, the subhed, the first graf. Why should a video blog be any different? Tell a story to make it better, more interesting for the reader/viewer/audience.



  1. Just to add on...Don't forget to make sure the story is relevant. Also, the story must stay focused. Too many storytellers go off on a tangent!