Rumors of Leaving

Silicon Valley Watcher: Microsoft's top blogger Robert Scoble is leaving....

I can neither confirm nor deny this story, but I can say that I spent some time with Robert both today at Vloggercon (to the left, with Eric Rice) and in Seattle for work, and we discussed life and work, and revolutions in the life cycle. I would not betray a conversation had in private, though, with someone I consider a friend.

As for leaks, I think that as PR people, we protect information that we are given, whether it is related to work or is private. If this was from a private conversation, or overheard, for shame on those that ran with the story or helped spread it immediately. If there's a choice between friendship and an exclusive, I will take friendship any day.

Scoble is a great guy, and where ever he is will benefit from him, his honesty, his personality.

There's alot being written right now, but I think Robert himself has the best post on the subject.

Update: Well, I talked to two of the people involved, and it was not really a leak, but more of a vlog being told, and then uploaded, and then the best laid plans of mice and men... .
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