I <3 BlogHer

While I do not write often enough about BlogHer - okay, I have never written about them before - I cannot put into words how much I love them.

Why? Because they get it. They get how the blogosphere is set-up, they get how important demographics are, they get how people work in the real world. The one outside blogs, where people buy products.

Plus, they get that there is a good mix between content and advertising, and that is why I am all hyper-excited about their new advertising network. First category is parenting (or what I prefer to call the Mommy bloggers), and I have been told some of the upcoming categories (but I am being good and keeping my lips zipped).

And, well, I am going to go to the conference. I am not speaking, because I'm a dude, not a dudette (it's BlogHer for a reason, people). But, I am looking forward to seeing the event, and have been telling clients or potential clients that if they are targeting women, BlogHer is where to sponsor and be.

One thing is interesting about BlogHer and its advertising network. This came up during a dinner party a couple weeks ago, where someone said to me (a well-connected and wired guy) that bloggers are too lost in their blogs. They do not see outside the blogosphere, and cannot see the forrest for the trees, but just the tree for just one small leaf at a time. I call it the Bay Area blinders affect - that people get caught up in blogs and the Bay that they forget about the flyover states and life outside of blogs.

Another point was that blogs are siloed. There are the PR blogs, the Web 2.0 blogs, the foodie blogs, the Mommy blogs, the Daddy blogs, the candy blogs, the blawgs - well, you get my point. And, rarely, do those silos cross. And, that is just sad and wrong and probably does not help much.

That's where BlogHer's network gets it - they see the silos, and the common thread is the female blogger. And, they take that common thread and are building networks across different silos that make sense.

And, that's where PR needs to get it. Blog outreach (aka pitching) is not about a mass pitch, but about targets that make sense. I am not going to pitch hardcore tech to a candy blogger any more than I would pitch a new candy bar to a techie blogger.

But, BlogHer? That's going to be fun.
  1. Preciate the love, Jeremy. We'll let you know when we launch the Naked Bloggers Ad Network--told you we'd hit every silo.

  2. BlogCritics had the idea, but got too greedy. They hugged everyone in an attempt to generate traffic, and Lord knows they have enough content. It just became too much content with too little focus.

    Love the example of the candy bloggers and the techie bloggers, although I am fairly certain we are on the cusp of a niche blog for World of Warcraft addicts with sweet tooths.

  3. I love BlogHer too. Thanks for the shout out.


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