Coming Soon

Details were leaked. Happens in the best plans of mice and men. Hyku has more details here, and more background with David Parmet. Despite our disagreements on blogging and blogs, Steve and I believe in the future of PR.

The launch party will be the next TechCrunch event, with plenty of Stormhoek for everyone.

I knew I wasn't vague enough at NewComm Forum, especially when I asked Hallett for a blog redesign ....



  1. Maybe this is what will bring us together. Or maybe one day we'll be on a list like this.

  2. Sure, you can take me to a NY Rangers game ... if they stay in the playoffs long enough for me to get to NYC.

    It's all about hockey for me.

  3. I've got these options on tickets for the finals on The Ticket Reserve, so if they make it that far, maybe I'll share the wealth.

  4. I'm really holding out for a double championship year for Detroit: Red Wings and Pistons.

    Thankfully, I live near SF's unofficial Red Wings bar.

    But, you get the tix, and I am there!

  5. PLEASE! The Rangers will be golfing soon, and you KNOW it. ;-)

    The Red Wings?!?! Ugh ....

    OK, I'll shutup now. It's not like my Avalanche are exactly winning the Western Conference. We'll only get third or fifth at best. Blah.

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Um, the Rangers are looking pretty good there, pal ;-)

  8. They'll choke soon.

    There, I said it.