O'Dwyer Launches Its PR Awards Program

For the first Global PR Blog Week, I interviewed Jack O'Dwyer and his last statement was about developing a smarter PR award ...

O'Dwyer Publications is going to begin the O'Dwyer Awards, which will focus on the quality and quantity of press and the press' access to the CEO. The O'Dwyer Awards will be for firms that get press, and are a bridge for the company, not an impediment.
Well, it only took them 1 1/2 years to get the program off the ground. Unfortunately, it's not on the free homepage, so I am cutting and pasting the information here - with a few edits, because I could not post the PDF.
PR, public affairs and client organizations that show unusual creativity in educating and informing the public or segments of the public about products, services or public issues will be honored by the O'Dwyer Co. starting with the February 2006 issue of O'Dwyer's PR Services Report.

The issue, which focuses on PA and environmental programs, will inaugurate a monthly O'Dwyer awards program that will recognize outstanding campaigns for specialized areas of PR.

Entry deadline for the February magazine is Dec. 21.

Winning entries will be described in detail and illustrated with pictures on odwyerpr.com as well as in the magazine. Winners will receive a plaque or award certificate.

Specialized areas and the months they will be covered are: foods & beverages (March); broadcast media (April); research (May); international (June); financial (July); travel (August); beauty/fashion (September); healthcare (October); technology (November) and sports/celebrities (December).

Campaigns will be judged on the basis of creativity used to gain public awareness and understanding of the subject matter involved.

Public discussion by experts in print and broadcast media will be sought. Entries should show that the CEO or other executives of the company or organization were available for questioning by the press and public.

The O'Dwyer Awards will recognize transparency and public accountability. Entries should include a one-page description of the problem presented and the tangible actions taken including media placements, special events, special advertising campaigns, legislative initiatives, fund-raising drives, coalitions created, etc. Size of budget should be given if allowed by the client.

Attainment of tangible goals, such as sales, increase in internet traffic, passage of legislation, should be included in the entry.

A summary of media placements including audience reached should be included. Also requested are several photos for use in the magazine and website and a half dozen or so clippings or VNR story boards for use in a montage. Winners of categories described below will be asked to supply photos of those involved in heading the campaigns (up to four people).

Best-in-category awards will be given on the basis of size of firms participating: under $500K; $500K to $1M; $1M to $2M; $2M to $5M and larger firms. There will also be an award for best campaign regardless of size.

Entries will be limited to three per PR firm per issue. A $75 fee must accompany each entry. Materials are to be retained by the O'Dwyer Co. Winners will receive a suitable plaque or award certificate.

Materials may be sent to Awards Desk of the O'Dwyer Co., 271 Madison ave., New York, NY 10016. Materials may also be e-mailed to Associate Editor Jon Gingerich at jon.gingerich@odwyerpr.com; 646/843-2080.
Now, does the PR world need another award? Not sure, but this could be interesting to see what the entries are, and how Jack will judge them.

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