Blog Leads to Article ... Not on Blogging

I am a big proponent of blogging, if it makes sense. Not every company needs to blog, but every company should be monitoring the blogosphere. And, with the launch of The Consumerist, well we have seen it before with Epinions and Planet Feedback, but PR people need to monitor another site and get ready to be reactive and proactive ... if you are one of the lucky Gawker circle that gets to comment (that nice exclusive community is just so mockable, but not worth it).

But, blogs can be a great resource for finding information ... as I found out last month. Last year, I wrote a post mocking Blackberry addicts, and the issue of work email being used for personal hook-ups.

Well, a reporter from The Post-Standard found that post during research, and she called me and interviewed me for the story. While we did have a longer conversation, she did pull out a funny quote from me for the article about using professional email for personal things, including retraining parents to use your Gmail or Hotmail account.

So, when I have companies ask me the value of a blog, I can point to this instance: a blog post from 2004 was found during research for an article in 2005, and I was contacted and got press. I did not go out looking for it, but it landed in my lap. Not a bad thing, all together.

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