Will Sprout Blog?

With the relaunch of the Jolly Green Giant by Saatchi & Saatchi, the obvious question is ... where is Sprout?

Now, I have a free suggestion for Saatchi - with the relaunch of Jolly Green Giant, have Sprout come back as a character blog. Yes, a character blog. I am in the minority, as I like character blogs and think they have their place. But I'm also a realist - that as blogs become more and more prevelant, more and more character blogs will be launched, and the blogosphere just needs to accept that reality. Does mean that the purists have to like it? Of course not, and they won't.

On another blog, I have stated and reiterated that I would love to see a Jack in the Box blog, because if it was done half as well as the commercials, it would be pretty good. But, some people just cannot accept that character blogs have their place, and can be a good thing. Or, heck, that even regular blogs are sometimes character blogs, as people are characters behind their computers.

Now, I agree that there cannot be that many interesting stories out of the Green Valley, but how about just setting up a blog about the products, with recipes? Using the Sprout blog with the RSS feeds to share those recipes, and the comments to have people note whether or not they like the recipes, or what they did. Or, can also add video podcasts of cooking demonstrations and recipes, like a Sprout cooking show - and, just my opinion, but the chef should have to wear a Sprout outfit. Or, even audio podcasts of recipes, so people can make the recipes in their kitchens, while also printing out the recipes.

Why do blogs only have to be stories - why not sharing information, and building a community? What would make this that different than the well-loved Stonyfield Farm blogs? It's a great chance to reintroduce Sprout while Jolly Green Giant makes his debut again.

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  1. I'd check out this blog.

    Heck, if Purina can do it for pet food, General Mills should be able to make a fun site (especially the free recipes with chefs/cooks sharing their stories) for veggies.

    Yep, give it a try. It will do more for children than Captain Morgan did for teens.

  2. I'll wait for the movie -- "Alien vs. Predator vs. Jolly Green Giant."