When Schools Do Logos ...

Why don't they try to use their students first?

Scottsdale Community College - most famous for its mascot, Artie the Artichoke - just paid Cramer-Krasselt close to $12K for a new logo. It is not a bad logo - also nothing that creative that a student could not have come up with the same thing - but whenever I read about a college doing a quick logo redesign, I wonder why the college does not go to the students.

It's not like we are talking about a massive PR push or adverising campaign, but rather a rebranding with a new logo. And, who better to know what would embody the spirit of a community college better than its own students? I did check out the college's Website, and they do offer graphic design and art at the school.

Now, do I think that every campaign should be handed to classes? No, not at all. Do I think students should have a voice in the branding and logo of their schools, yes.

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  1. Because students are customers. Often, they are ill-informed customers when they apply, and bitterly well-informed customers by graduation.

    Would you turn over logo design to a group of seething malcontents?

  2. Seething malcontents? I think I had a better college experience than you!

    And, yes. You give a prize, those kids will do good work. We had the same thing happen at UA, where the University went out and spent a big chunk of change to have a new logo designed. The student government held a contest for a new logo, to show that there was talent on campus, and it only cost $1000.

    It can work, if the submissions are fairly judged.

  3. Not only are having the students create the design logo a cheap method, but it also build’s school spirit and the school’s ‘brand’ at the same time.

    Take the band ‘Korn’ as a similar example. A few years back they had a contest to see which one of their fans could design the most creative album cover. The winning design would appear on the front cover of their new album. The contest turned HUGE and it received national attention. When the winning design came out - sales rocketed, everyone became a Korn fan, and Korn was the center of attention for several months straight. Now what if they had just hired a design firm to take care of the album cover for them instead? I’d be willing to bet that results would have turned out the same.

  4. Ok. I couldn't disagree any more with one of the previous comments.

    I don't think that students are incompetent in being able to create a symbol that represents the school that they attend. However, I do agree with what I think that the blogger meant to say... members of an organization are the best representatives of what that organization is about. Negative or postive.

    Now, of course if members of the organization are disastified then it probally would be better to find inspiration from outside the organization to allow for a more postive, although inaccurate name.
    Furthermore, I agree with one of the other bloggers, I think that it would not only be more cost efficient, but would ultimately have more meaning if designed from within.