Unclear on the concept

While many people applauded Dennis Hastert beginning to blog, this pretty much says he's unclear on the concept.

Sending out a press release to announce he has updated the blog.



  1. one word "ping" ... apparently, in this instance, it is the sound of a hammer having been pounded upon some clueless press secretary's head

    jeremy, i think - in this instance - we can clearly say "They don't get it."

    big surprise?

  2. Okay, he really may not get it. But, by nature, at least in some respect, don't bloggers "go against the grain?" A bit out of the ordinary? So, by doing something unusual for bloggers, Hastert is just being a blogger by issuing a release that he's updated his blog. He's getting attention, right?
    Maybe I should try it? Like sending an announcement out on PRWeb?
    Mike ;)

  3. Hey, Jeremy: I just got word from the carrier pidgeon you sent over to my house that you had posted something about Hastert, so I had to check it out. Great stuff!

  4. I think there must be a big wide swath of grey between "getting it" and "not getting it".

    I have a picture-perfect ideal in my head of how politicians, CEOs, customer service people and my mail carrier would all blog. But its unrealistic.

    If Hastert's press release a) gets people interested in blogging (either from a read or write perspective), b) reminds people to check in and c) sets some kind of example for other policiticans that maybe they should be checking out this "blogging" thing, then it shouldn't jsut be dismissed as another *they* don't "get it".

    We're not all Scobles, Ruebels or Ochmans. I'm prepared to give Haskert some slack as I would any newbie bloggers.

    Cheers .. Kate

  5. But, Kate - it's funny!! And, I agree with you on the infancy of blogging.

    But, it's still funny!!

  6. Yeah ... it *is* funny.
    (I still applaud his attempt to get it.)

    You know .. it may not be "getting blogging" as the issue, but rather "getting the democratization of media distribution" as the key issue.