Doesn't PR Include Public?

A nice A-list circular post about how Audible has missed the target on it's Podcast announcement, and what the PR should be. To me, though, this is funny - isn't public relations about, well, the public? I asked it last October, but I'll ask again.

The whole thing is over media relations - that dreaded mainstream media - and blogger relations (step-child of media relations?), and how both are different audiences, and have differenct reactions.

But, so much for actually doing any P in that assessment. Media relations, and it's step-sibling blogger relations ignore the greater public relations.

You think the general public cares about this issue? The product is geared to advertising agencies, who are looking for a simple measurement tool for Podcasts. Podcasters, who have an interest in this, are upset about the .AA format, and it has been mishandled in that community.

But, forget the public ... they just don't matter. And, likely do not care about this issue.

As for how Audible has handled or mishandled this whole scenario - it really comes down to which audience they are reaching. But, then again, let's remember that the blogosphere is a happy, positive place and Forbes was wrong.

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  1. I'm thinking happy thoughts as we speak :)

  2. In the spring I did some analysis of the names CIPR members use to describe themselves. There were lots of 'Public Relations' managers and 24 other descriptions.

    I conclude there are at least two dozen domians of PR practice.