When Buzzwords Attack!!

Yes, I talked about killing the cluelesstrain - even though it was fun.

And, yes, I have talked about working together for a greater good for PR in blogs.

But, then there are stories like this that just make you scream and rant against the heavens.

A couple of favorite gems:

Rambam discussed the trickling up of new communication trends, such as instant messenger moving from a youth phenomenon to a corporate staple, executives receiving information and e-mail on mobile devices, and single mothers using chatrooms and message boards for advice.
And then this quote - which does answer the question on why blogs, vlogs or podcasts aren't the central theme for this:
"We're studying how youth are communicating worldwide and applying that to other demographics," Rambam said. "Fleishman is a global company, so the idea is to find [and work with] folks in each Fleishman office who are working on NGT solutions, such as a blog, RSS, or new distribution techniques."
Well, okay, he mentions blogs - and we'll assume he also means podcasts and vlogs/video casts. Yes, that's assuming a lot, but let's give them a pass, although none of those new communications tools are mentioned in the press release.

What does this really mean? It means we can expect one of the larger PR firms to unleash a bunch of clueless junior staffers to pitch blogs inappropriate stories.

It could be worse - it could be this, which is just embarassing and, well, borders on sleazy for all of PR. As far as I knew, PR thank you notes were literally notes, and reporters and editors were unable to take gifts.

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  1. Maybe you could interview Mr. Rambam and ask him "what does this really mean."

  2. I was supposed to interview John Graham, but that fell through the cracks. I really need to ramp up that series again.

  3. The Gawker comment about Pantene is just so, so, so very, very wrong. Follow up thank you gifts?
    It has to be so very wrong, or I've been doing my job wrong the past 11+ years!
    -- Mike