What's a Jot?

Okay, as Scott Baradell of Media Orchard noticed ... I have changed the name to POP! PR Jots for this blog.

Why? Well, it was time. Musings was such a ... cliche. And, before bloggers jump on me for the Jots line - thinking it is a take off on Jotspot - um, nope.

First, I have nothing but love for Jotspot and for the launch that Voce did for them. They both rock.

But, the Jots idea actually came from an article in The New Yorker on Harold Arlen, a great American composer.

From the article,

He always carried a pad and a pencil in his coat pocket to catch the fleeting musical ideas he called "jots." Inspiration could come at any time, but walking was his most consistent catalyst.
I read that and thought "yeah" especially because I used to have a notebook next to my bed to jot down thoughts, ideas and dreams as I woke up during the middle of the night. Now, my notebook is a blog, and it's mainly on PR.

Enjoy the new name.



  1. Jeremy, you'll have to work on your google rankings with PR Jots. With some key postings, you could take over for any misspelled "PR JOBS".

    People would kill for that kind of traffic.