Pitching Bloggers Preview

This was my topic at BlogOn. I was up on stage with Andy Carton of Treonauts and Cathy Brooks of Porter Novelli. I have a lot to say about the panel and session, and will blog about it later. And, yes, some is in response to another post about the panel.

In the meantime, it's my birthday today. Note the Amazon Gift List to the side. Or, you know a gift certificate to make my own old school Vans. I can be a custom Spicoli!!

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  1. Happy Birthday.
    So cool, I just read the Sean Penn bio (not seen the movie yet though), but otherwise the Spicoli reference would have gone unnoticed of course.
    Talk about cultural impact.

  2. happy birthday buddy, good seeing you in nyc earlier in the week - will let you know how your panel's video turns out and point you to the link...

  3. Happy Birthday to PR's greatest blogger from Arizona! Long live the king!

    And bring back the Cluelesstrain!!

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  5. Happy belated birthday Jeremy, hope you got your old school Vans. I'm still waiting for my Vision Street Wear's.