Global PR Blog Week II:
PR, Blogging, and the New PR Meme

This week, the Global PR Blog Week II has launched. There's been a lot of articles - I think the count is at 57 - with a wide array of viewpoints on both sides of the fence. There are the hardcore blog enthusiasts, the hardcore PR is an art camp, and then there is the middle, that views blogs as tools for PR.

What did I write on? Well, I wrote about PR and Blogs and where is PR going now. My first two opening paragraphs - well, the two first meaty paragraphs - are below.

More than a year ago, the first Global PR Blog Week took place, with PR bloggers from around the world participating in pushing the world of public relations into the next stage, where blogs and wikis would become standard operating procedures for public relations firms. Now that a year has past, that is happening. But, unfortunately, at the same time something else has happened: the PR is Dead / the New PR meme.

But, the PR is Dead meme is just that – a meme. Last year, for the first Global PR Blog Week, I interviewed various pundits in the industry, including Richard Edelman and Jack O’Dwyer to get their views on the changing of PR, and what was happening in the industry. From that humble beginning sprang the PR Face2Face interviews, where I usually ask the de rigueur question on blogs and PR.
To read the full post, and others, please visit the Global PR Blog Week II blog.

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