Glamming Bloggers

On Friday, C/Net had a story on Glam, a new fashion Website that is launching at DEMO.

Now, DEMO is a great place to launch, but I just say that because I respect and like Chris Shipley ;) - read my interview with her here.

What caught my eye was that from the Website, in the About Section.


Catherine Levene: Formerly VP, Product, Business Development, and Strategy, at New York Times Digital, Showtime Networks, and Firefly.

Peter Hirshberg: Serves on the board of directors of, former CEO of and Elemental, and an Executive at Apple Computer.
If memory serves, this is the first of the new dot-com's to have a division with Web 2.0 / blog executives.

This, in itself, is interesting. Here's a company that is not only going to be embracing blogs and the Web 2.0, but has actually assigned executives to it, and is promoting (well, sorta promoting) that fact.

What I am interested in is:
  • What are the plans for the blog executives? Are there going to be podcasts and vlogs?
  • Where is this going?
  • What are the implications for PR and Glam?
  • And, whose decision was this, and how much are blogs going to be integrated?
    • Can we expect to see member blogs?
I hope to get someone from Glam over the phone, or over email, to answer these and dig a little deeper. Right now, though, this is a fun time to see companies launch like this.

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