Who really controls the media?

As a teenager, I was always highly amused by the The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and one of its many claims that Jews control the world's media. Part of the bemused stance is I keep waiting for a knock on my door, handing over a media network. I think I'd like Conde Nast, because I really like their latest magazine launches: Lucky, Cargo and Domino. And, I'd get the New Yorker for free.

Well, it turns out that The Protocols isn't true. From the HighVizPR blog comes a story on who really does control the media, an interesting circular relationship of board members sitting on each other's boards. I would say that it's suprising, but it really is not - mainly because I would not be surprised if this is common for more boards than just the mainstream media.

It's also interesting that just like there is a circular nature of the mainstream media, there's the same circular nature of the blogosphere. With all the whining against the so-called MSM, the blogpshere sure likes to copy the worst aspects of it - like, oh, since you are an A-lister, you are the only thing that matters in the whole wide world.

But, hey, this blog is about PR. Just like there are certain media outlets that are tier one, certain blogs are tier one - it's just harder to separate the chaff from the wheat in the blogosphere, and a tier one blog today might be tier four (or lower) tomorrow. You don't see that type of drop in a month for MSM...

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  1. What do you mean, I was given the keys to my first media network as a Bar Mitzvah gift. I traded it in for this PR shop though...of course if you're reading PR Watch you already know that running a PR shop means you do control the media, and I guess then well you do control the media Jeremy.

    Great post. I'm going back to navel gazing as there's some lint that needs to be picked.

  2. Jeremy, sorry you haven't received your media network yet -- I will report this issue to headquarters and see what's up (it will have to wait until after Shabbat and the Fourth of July weekend though).

    I got my knock on the door just a few months ago -- however, it was Fox, so I immediately slammed the door shut. I think I broke Sean Hannity's toe.

  3. Not only was my dad a banker, but he worked at an Israeli-owned bank.

    So when do I get my cut?

  4. a tier one blog today might be tier four (or lower) tomorrow. You don't see that type of drop in a month for MSM...

    Hey Jeremy... I think you're pretty close here. The difference is in the speed of publishing and in feedback.

    MSM that is published monthly is shooting in the dark, and feedback isn't published until three months later.

    MSM that is done daily (TV and print) doesn't have the mechanism in place for gathering or even understanding feedback. TV still responds to the archaic Nielsen ratings.

    The Blogiverse has its own rhythms and pace, and one week of sucky or non-existant content can drop you right out of a blogroll. The mix is more fluid here, and I like that. Makes it easier for real ideas and perspectives to shine through. (Or, you can kiss the right A-list A-ss.)

    Who controls the Blogiverse? Readers do.