Russell Beattie Hates Me

Well, not me specifically, but PR bloggers and PR people.

For someone that laments and strikes out at the PR / marcom industry bloggers, he has done a little bit of work in the industry. Personally, I didn't know IBM had a media relations office in Boca Raton. That must have been a cool job.

I am confused, though, on his comment that blogging isn't his job. Isn't it part of the "Evangelizing, strategizing and managing development of new mobile products and services" that he does for Yahoo mobile?

I have now been blogging on PR for two years - my little anniversary was July 2nd, and as soon as the new design is ready, I'll post my anniversary post - and when I do speak to other PR firms or people, the first thing I note is that they don't need to be blogging. Why? Because blogging isn't for every corporation, it isn't for every industry. But, I do note that they need to be aware of what is being said, to track the conversations with PubSub, Technorati, Blogpulse, Bacons, Cymfony, eWatch ... well, there are lots of services.

Beattie calls out a few PR bloggers, but doesn't say who he thinks are the worst hacks and players. Why not? If you want to be truly transparent - which seems to be this big thing out in the blogosphere - name names (albeit in a good, non-Red baiting sense). Someone must have really annoyed him, and he thinks we should all ignore those people ... but doesn't give us a clue on whom to ignore. Or, he can't since he's referring to one of the PR firms for Yahoo.

Beattie has valid points - there are PR firms and PR people that are abusing the blogosphere. I rail against them also, but unfortunately there is a learning curve. I think the so-called blogging experts are just that - so-called. I think the people and the firms that pollute comments to plug clients are lazy, but likely under orders from bosses or clients, and afraid to push back.

Blogs are about to move into version 2, where the purists will unfortunately be pushed out by the corporations and the agencies. It's just the same maturation of the market that the Web went under the first time. Will it kill conversation? Likely not.

Steve Rubel has his own take on it, but mentions he loves Beattie more than I did here - I don't know Russell, so I would feel odd proclaiming any love for him. Respect, yes. Love, no.

1.30 PM MST Update: Well, it turns out that it's Steve Rubel that Russell Beattie is talking about - hey, at least it's not me that he hates. Yes, hates is a strong word, but come on, the title is funny.

And, Steve ... so, you respond to criticisms from A-listers (but, hey, you hate that term after you got slammed for using it), but if others bring up issues, you ignore them? I'm still waiting to see your response on this.

While you espouse the values of the blogosphere and pitching bloggers, it appears that you have made some of the same mistakes you rail against - and recently. Plus, the Amazon card is embarassing - for you and for everyone else in PR.

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  1. Boca is where IBM's PC division was originally headquartered, btw.

  2. Yah, yah. My copy editor doesn't work on the weekends (lazy punk), so that one got through.

    Thanks, and I changed it to be correct.


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