Whatever Scoble Says

I've decided to blog in a new way - copy whatever Robert Scoble does, but twist it for PR. He's not an A-lister - he refutes the title, responding with "A stands for ..." But, he does blog with certain criteria that are admirable.

And, while I never have gotten the clearance to call him "my good friend" like other PR bloggers, I still think he's a mensch. Or one helluva good actor.

So, today he posted about PDC05, and how tickets are selling quickly.

I had to click over to the site, look at the little Channel 9 guy, and then see that it's a Professional Developer Community event. These things rock. I used to help organize developer relationship group activities down in San Jose. They are great for the developer community, great for the corporation to build the community and showcase its technology and position the company as a leader. DRG/PDC are great public relatoins tools.

Not that Microsoft needs to do that, but you know.

Then, I saw that they are having a contest! I like contests!!

So, here you go:

blogging my way to pdc

And, since I type quickly, I would totally share the information with the community at large and blog the whole event.

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