Snippets: Good PR for the lottery, Picnicking Bloggers, Who can do PR? and Satisfaction Survey

Yes, it's the return of the Snippets, and, well the somewhat early demise of Cluelesstrain. The Cluelesstrain will be back, but it will be an occasional series, not every week. I do have some great photos, though, for the return of Cluelesstrain ...

In Pennsylvania, a woman has won two $1M scratch-off tickets this year. If that is not going to bring in the scratch-off ticket buyers, nothing will. Earlier this year, she won $1 million playing a Pennsylvania Lottery scratch-off ticket, then turned around and won another million-dollar jackpot last week. Think about the dreams and hopes of people that play those games - here's a woman that has won it twice, it has to be my turn next. Or, there will be a terrible lashback, and people will stop playing those games. Likely, it'll be the former.

MS&L Blogworks is giving away Hefty Plates. Now, I don't picnic much, but I have seen the television commercials, and thought it was a really cool concept. People always lose the tupperware tops, so now here's a plate that doubles as a cover and can be tossed right into the microwave. And, MS&L has gone out and invited bloggers to partake and review the products, and I thought I'd take them up on it, if they also would send me a Bill Knapp's chocolate cake. It's a Detroit thing. The only setback thus far is that the team fell into the old PR trap of cut and paste pitches and too long pitches. But, hey, I'm getting plates!

Over at PR Studies, Professor Richard Bailey has put forth a question that deserves more responses than it has right now: who can do PR, since anyone can study PR? He has his opinions which he has yet to put out there, and I and a few others already chimed in, but let's have more thoughts from both the US and the UK - what does it take to practice PR? Who can practice PR?

Ian Lipner is conducting a PR salary and satisfaction survey. I have some opinions on this one as well - too many junior people with inflated titles, too much sense of entitlement - but I am interested in seeing what the final results will be. Head over to the survey, and participate - it's really short and quick. Let's make it a sample of 10K or more, to give it a real database of answers. Then again, how many PR people are there out there?

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  1. You're getting plates - but have you got yours yet? I'm still waiting - when will they arrive - I wonder if I'm the only one, or if my blog comments made me a less than ideal candidate?

  2. It's been less than a week, so I'm not too antsy yet. I'm really holding out hope for the Bill Knapp's chocolate cake, though.

    But, I have also replied for other things, totally forgot about them, and have them appear a month or two later.

  3. Woohoo!! My plates have come!! Picnickiing tonight....

    Alas, no Bill Knapp's cake.


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