Junior Blogging

Okay, so the title is meant to imply that junior staff has taking up blogging as well - whether as students in public relations, those beginning their careers, or those that have targeted their blog to entry-level PR people.

So, I'm highlighting five today.

First, is Wet Feet PR, written by Blake Barbera. Blake's blog is about what he is learning as he goes through the first year in public relations at his agency. I'll be interviewing his boss for an upcoming PR Face2Face, as was facilitated by Blake. Not only is he learning the blogosphere and PR, but he's pitching bloggers.

Second is PR Journal. This is a new one on the scene, and is written by Konstantin, a student at St. Mary's College of Maryland and currently an intern at ACNM in Silver Spring, MD. His reason for for going into PR is his interest in writing, and if can write well, he'll have people pounding on his door. So, K, write more on the blog to highlight your ability! One thing I've learned from PR Face2Face is everyone is looking for competent writers.

Third is Beginning a Career in PR, written by Kelly Papinchak. Kelly has some great interviews and great insight in beginning your PR career. I haven't spoken or corresponded with her, but the site is worth checking out.

Fourth and fifth are from the crew at Auburn. There's a new class at the Auburn PR Blog - a summer session of six - who are slowly building steam to begin blogging. We've all done summer session, and it's a total pain, and I can totally empathize. But, they have some great posts and insight - like this one on Yahoo (okay, I like Megan's title).

Plus, my two favorite Auburn students are - well, were - blogging their InternQuest. I was hoping for more during the summer from them, for them to talk about what they are learning, but I also do not know if they were able to get permission from their firms, and, well, it is summer. I look forward to the blog next semester.

These are just ones I know, and I am sure there are others, so ping me in the comments about those blogs.

But, go read the blogs, offer encouragement, make comments, let them know that people are reading them. Go on. Go.

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  1. Thanks for the mention Jeremy. I appreciate you reaching out to us all and being so available to ping. You have been super helpful. Also, thanks for interviewing Sabrina.

    One additional junior blogger is Stephen Davies at www.prblogger.com. He is a student blogger in the UK and works with a firm out there. He is very up to date on not just blogs, put podcasting and RSS as well. Very knowledgable guy.

  2. There's me as well, Piaras Kelly, a junior blogger in Ireland www.pkellypr.com

    I'm working with Drury Communications, www.drurycommunications.com , and am using my blog as an educational tool to help me with my career.

    My blog is from an Irish perspective and looking up from the bottom rung of the ladder.

  3. We thank you, Jeremy. The 'junior staff' is about to embark on trips to see their clients, so expect some posts about that soon.

    Thanks for all you do for the students.

    You're a role model.

    I say that for two reasons. First, it is true. Second, I know it will make you cringe.

    Take care.

  4. Hi Jeremy,

    Thank you for mentioning my blog. Additional resources for those of us working to navigate our first five years of the public relations profession are extremely helpful. I look forward to reading more from you and fellow bloggers.


  5. Thank you so much for mentioning our website. Trust me, as soon as summer school dies down, both Emily and I will be blogging about our experiences and our "internquest."

    We appreciate your encouraging words and comments on our blog. Thank you for your continued interest and guidance.

  6. Sorry for replying so late. Access to the Inernet is a fight at our house(not literally, but still). Well I join everyone else in thanking you for providing resources for those of us who are young and just starting out. I will certainly take your suggestion. Although it may not be until fall that I start to post more regularly. Thanks again.