FEC Cracks Down

It has never been a secret what this blog is about - public relations - and what it is not about - blogging.

When I started this blog two years ago, I made a concentrated effort not to blog on blogs. I don't like navel gazing, I don't like name dropping, which is needed for the link love and Google juicing, and there are many more qualified people to speak on technology and blogging than me. Like Robert Scoble (hee - name dropping fun!!).

But, in PR there are other bloggers that have set themselves up as the experts on blogging and PR.

And, today, the FEC is holding hearings on blogs - with great implications. Besides cursory mentions, neither has chimed in on what this does for public relations, and what the implications are for blogging.

I can hear it now - I'm not a political blogger. DailyKos covers that already. Eschaton is covering that.

Well, this is more than a political issue, particularly when you have one political blogger throw in the towel ... and relaunching as an "online magazine." And, if you are going to position yourself as the leading PR blogging expert, you have to chime in when such issues come up.

I don't position myself as that - I'm just a guy that blogs on PR and practices PR. Wait, switch that. I'm a guy that practices PR and blogs on PR - in that order.Work comes first, baby.

What are the implications - too far and widereaching for me to think of after a full day of travel. This is foreboding, though, for blogs and for public relations. For PR - we are adjusting to this new medium, and if it's regulated, what affect is that going to have on us? For blogs - this might be as bad as being sued or investigated.

Even Megan, one of the Auburn students, put forth her opinion on the subject ...

Now, for I look forward to reading a tech policy/PA blogger's take on this ... 463, I'm waiting on you!

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