AO/Technorati Top 100!!

Woohoo!! It's out! Check it out here!!

And, sad to say but, this isn't much different than what has been written before, even on the hoax site Blogebrity. Plus, is the blogosphere about the caste system or about egalitarianism and a revolt against the mainstream?

The difficult list to make would be the 'next' 100 after this list and honorable mentions ... now that would actually show some good writers that might not be known, but are changing the world.

One interesting thing to note - this is very heavy on English blogs, even North American based. Where's the Chinese blogger that risks his/her life to write about democracy? Where's the Iranian or Iraqi blogger that are writing about their dreams of freedom

Of course, as pointed out by David Parmet, the greatest irony of ironies is that you have to be an insider to comment. So much for trackbacks and open comments.

Thankfully, I'm just an early adopter and am a member ... but I don't have the need to post a "look at me, look at me" comment there.

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  1. Top 100? To be in is a bore, to be out is a tragedy (Osacar Wilde). BTW the best Chinese blog I know is - she writes from the heart.



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