Alarm:Clock Does it Again

One blogger I know comments that he does not need to verify what he writes, because it's a blog, and blogs aren't copyedited like real journalism.

I wrote that two weeks ago, but wasn't referring to alarm:clock.

Maybe I should have, though. As former Red Herring reporters, and people who obviously consider themselves journalists, this post: Is BuySafe Evil? smacks of sensationalism and laziness. Have they spoken to BuySafe? Have they tried to get BuySafe's view and response?

A few comments - which look anonymous and very suspicious - are sources and make a story? Woodward and Bernstein are turning over in their graves (if they were dead).

I guess they are just content with adding this one line, and washing their hands of the whole thing: Well, we're not exactly sure what's going on here, but we're staying out of this one... Happy ranting!

Hmmm, somewhat like how they dealt with the seeded storm on their PR post. They put up a post, had a bunch of comments and other blogs comment on it, and, well, never responded! The elitism of journalism crosses over into the elitism of blogs. How quaint.

The wonderful world of blog journalism: showing why without copyediting and journalistic integrity, some blogs should never fully be trusted.


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