Tracking Podcasts for PR...

I was trying to track down the phone number for another Phoenix blogger - AudioThink - as I owed him a phone call post-New York media tour, and all I could remember were "audio blog phoenix" to Google.

The second result is Adam Curry's podcast blog, which made me wonder what he was doing talking about Phoenix. Mainly, it was to bitch about the heat and being stuck at Sky Harbor Airport.

Then, he went into a two-day soliloquy about how much he hates America West Airlines, and the second day was filled with comments from people who noted how much they hate America Worst, and how bad the airline is.

It's easy to track the blogs, and I have noted that a corporation does not need to blog - and sometimes it is better that they do not blog - but they do need to track the blogosphere. And, that message has been consistent in presentations and articles I have written as of late, highlighting the great tools out there: Pubsub, Technorati, amongst others.

I figured that I would be a good Phoenician, and ask America West if they knew about Podcasting, Adam Curry or that he was blasting them on his Podcast and that his listenership is huge. I won't share the answer, but I sent the two links and the comments to the corporate communications person.

But, beyond the corporate communications team using Podscope to search for America West, how can a PR firm or group track what is being said about the clients and companies on a Podcast? This seems to be an even bigger issue, since Infinity is giving over KYouradio to Podcasts.

Usually, I like to wrap up my posts with a little ribbon, offering solutions. But, in this instance, it seems like the fire will burn first in Podcasts, where a company won't really know where the bad mojo is coming from, unless they stumble across it like I did today.

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