Blogging Sabbatical: Booking Appointments, On Media Tour, Syndicate Conference

Yes, I have been remiss in posting on my blog - I missed a and a , but all for a good reason ... I have been booking a media tour, staffing a media tour, and booking and staffing for the Syndicate Conference.

Interestingly enough, at the conference, I had a couple great conversations with two people from PubSub's newest PR firm, PAN Communications, who just won the business a month ago. We discussed blogging, and public relations and the balance between the two.

You have to wonder if there needs to be a balance between agency blogging, agency PR work for clients, or if firms are becoming too blog-centric. It's food-for-thought, as this is not the first time I have heard of a company choosing to move beyond blog-centric PR to more balanced PR. The people I spoke to struck me as people that got it - got the balancing act between online, blog outreach and media, mainstream outreach.

One person asked how I balance blogging and PR, and whether or not I am worried about my blog overtaking publicity for my cliens. This is a growing concern, particularly as you have to explain to clients why you are getting press for your blog, but not press for them. And, it's something that we should never have to address, because at the end of the day it is about the clients.

How did I answer the question? I told them to look at my blog, and how I haven't posted in a week as I prepared for the tour. Client work comes first, and that is how it should be. If I overtake the client in PR and media, I need to begin to re-evaluate what I am doing, and whether or not I am a PR person or a blogger. Sometimes, you really just cannot be both.

The Syndicate Conference has been interesting - as I am sharing a room with my new roommate / buddy / best friend, Robert Scoble.

Thoughts on Scoble - having have met the man in person, I understand the cult of Scoble. He's a truly genuine person, a great choice for an evangelist. He was shaking his head at some of my comments, which I would expect, but he's just this personable, nice guy that brings a lot to conversations, no matter the subject. The man is just a mensch. But, the other thing is that he has no qualms about putting his thoughts on the line, and writing what he believes.

I have had a friend tell me that my blog is me, that while it is a little more over the top than my usual self, it is in my voice. I don't wait a couple weeks to write on an issue, but blog my beliefs immediately, not waiting to test the waters and jump on the bandwagon.

Beyond the media tour and Syndicate, I did attend the O'Dwyer Greatest Generation event. Just the stories on how these great PR people got into the industry was amazing, and how much things change, how little they change. I'll blog about the event this weekend...

When I am finished with the tour - and then the pre- and post-show work, I will resume blogging with Cluelesstrain and PR Face2Face, as well as other thoughts on PR.

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