Snippet: Ketchum: Contact Us ... well, at least try.

I was thinking of who to line up next for interviews for the PR Face2Face series.

Thus far, I have had some great interviews with Ronn Torossian, Howard Rubenstein, Pam Talbot and now Chris Shipley - and I have a bunch of great interviews in the hopper to be posted on subsequent Tuesdays.

I thought who would I like to also add to that list, and came up with a few great "wants," including Doug Dowie, formerly of Fleishman Hillard and Ray Kotcher of Ketchum.

So, I went to the Ketchum: Contact Us page. Go. Click on "Media Contact Information" and enjoy a good chuckle.

I guess it's true that sometimes it's the shoe cobbler's kids that go shoeless (or however that maxim goes). Yes, I know that Kotcher's bio page has his email address, and the other media contact link does work - but the link on the contact page is ... dead.

11.30 AM MST UPDATE: the page has been fixed. :)

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