Snippets - Ofoto kills memories, Vonage fun, Go vote for Musings from POP! PR

  • Ofoto hates wedding memories. Okay, not really, but this less than fun story in the San Fransico Chronicle highlights the Ofoto deletion policy.

    While it was partially the woman's own fault - she hadn't updated her email address for the account - Ofoto should shoulder some of the blame. Why did the woman's account not notify her of its impending doom when she logged in? How about a simple pop-up screen telling her of the upcoming deletion, instead of the unending push to purchase?

    I did receive the deletion email, and was offended by its bluntness. As the former PR manager, I had a couple fake accounts to see how outsiders were treated, and, well, the email was quite the wake-up call.

    So, now the woman's wedding photos are gone, and Ofoto has competition coming out the woodwork: Flickr, EZ Archive, SnapJot, HeyPix, Phanfare, Picasa - on top of the competition that is already there, like SmugMug, Snapfish, Shutterfly, PhotoWorks ... oh, the list goes on and on.

    Not a fun day for Kodak PR.
  • Vonage for business. Well, not really.

    I am moving offices, and decided to sign up for Vonage for my business line.

    First assessment? Vonage is not ready for business. Why? It's simple - no ability to choose your own number, or even change the number. Then, when I called to complain, the CS person said all phone systems were like that.

    Wrooong. When I was in college, I sat on the phone for 20 minutes going through numbers with the representative until I found a simple number for my family and grandparents to remember. It was one number of the local Chinese place, but hey, that wasn't a big problem since I only got one call a week for food.

    But, while I like Vonage thus far, I would hold off if you were thinking of them for business until they can offer a better business service - particularly number choice.



  1. I just lost all my photos from 10 years! AND I ordered before my doomsday. What gives OFOTO???