Snippets - Denver cookie scandal, Auburn bloggers, NewComm Photos

  • No good deed goes unpunished. These two sweet teenage girls in Durango decided to do something nice for their neighbors, so they baked cookies and delivered them to houses with lights on.

    Well, they frightened one cranky neighbor who sued them. Personally, I think they should have counter-sued the woman for wasting the court's time on such a frivolous lawsuit.

    The lesson here? Never do nice things for neighbors, because they might sue.
  • The new Auburn classes are blogging.

    The instructor, Robert French, has set up two different blogs for them. The Style & Design class all have individual blogs, while his Intro to PR class has a group blog.

    It's quite interesting to note the different voice one semester to another. Last semester , the students seemed to be more individualistic, while this semester the students seem to go with the flow. So far, a lot of the bloggers are blogging the same thing and aren't finding their voice.

    Hopefully, some of the students will begin to find their own voices, searching the Web and the blogosphere for different subjects that interest them. Or, write about some personal things - just because someone brings up Epic, all the students don't need to write about it.



  1. Hello Jeremy,
    I am in Robert's Style and Design class this semester, and read your post on our class. I agree that we have don't have our own voices, but I don't know where to begin to find one.
    I posted about it on my blog, My main concern is not knowing where to go.
    I have searched a lot of the links on our blogs, and it makes me wonder where people find this kind of information. I have the desire to venture out, but maybe you could help me begin that journey.
    I feel really overwhelmed when I start searching for things to blog about, and maybe you can explain how to simplify things a bit.

    Thanks for you help,

  2. Ya' know, after further thought, I will take the blame for this at the outset. I have, after all, given them some 'assigned topics' to cover, so that addresses the similarity in the posts, to some extent.

    I appreciate the encouragement you've given them. And now, I have sent a mass email to all the students and told them to consider all future 'topics' I throw out as 'suggestions' (unless I'm adamant that they should cover a certain topic ... after all, we never know what may happen in the course of a semester).

    It is interesting, as we have discussed, how each group has a personality. I kind of like that, kind of ... ;o)

  3. Jeremy,
    Just wanted to let you know that I voted for you in the 2005 Business Blogging Awards. I'll back back in the blogosphere soon, I'm taking 19 hours and working 30, so I'm trying to find some time!