Snippet - Marketing firm looks for blog writers on CL

Well, it looks like another marketing firm is getting into the blogging business.

Electric Artists has posted an ad on Craigslist looking for Pop Culture, Artists and Entertainment Weblog Writer.

I hope this does not devolve into an episode of Bullshit Marketing, as noted on the Site-9 blog for O&M's blogging outreach for AmEx's Blue.

They should have attended the NewComm Forum to make sure the blogs are done in a transparent way. :)

But, this also brings up another issue - who should be responsible for blogs? Marketing, Advertising or Public Relations? It's the age-old question of control, and since PR is supposed to be the most transparent (and, well, since I am in PR) I hope it would be PR that drives blogging and blog outreach.



  1. Did you see Ron Aslop's article in the Wall Street Journal today and do you think that the guy he quoted from Fleishman is off base?

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  3. From what I have always been told of MBA, it's about networking and not real world experience.

    So, the FH comment was on base. Plus, people aren't going to teach what they don't understand.

    I like that PRSA is pushing for MBA programs to include more communications into the mix. Kudos to PRSA.

  4. Ahh, the age old question...who is in charge? Or more precisely who should be in charge of communications programs?

    I would guess that much like other functions in large and small corporations, the person who becomes responsible for managing communications programs is the one who demonstrates a capacity for accomplishing results and proving them to the powers that be.

    I have to agree that if a company has segregated communications programs into departments such as marketing, advertising, and PR, then Public Relations should get the call when it comes to blogging.

    Only because it is a part of the job description to manage communications between the company and all of its relevant publics, including Blog Readers and participants.