Peeking into Ketchum's measurements

From O'Dwyers is a short story that "Ketchum's research for the Dept. of Education has been posted by People for the American Way. Hundreds of pages detail how Ketchum ranked media and reporters in their coverage of the No Child Left Behind Law."

Let's take a step back, and look at this from a small PR agency / PR boutique perspective. Oh, and no more Ketchum bashing for me, but I will bash the pundits for pretending to be journalists.

While boutiques and small agencies tend to be started by people who come from the large agency life, we tend to adopt the practices we had used at the large agency, for better or worse. So, the reports I do are similar to the reports I put together at Shandwick.

But, sometimes it's good to get another perspective. And, despite the fact that this must be a pain for Ketchum, it is a good chance for us smaller firms to look at another way of putting together reports.

Here are the various PDFs.