Happy Valentine's Day ... but not for those who used Hallmark.com

Oops - who forgot today was Valentine's Day? Posted by Hello

Well, I was a pretty good guy. I sent out about 4 Valentine's Day e-cards from Hallmark.com.

This morning, this is the message that I got when I went to send out a few more, because I remembered some more people.

Okay, it's sucking up to potential clients. I admit it - I think it's cute to send a Valentine's Day card and turn it into a business pitch.

But, this is a nice mini-PR nightmare for Hallmark's Web division. Either this is the default message for when the Website crashes during an e-card holiday rush, or someone really didn't plan well ahead and remember today is Valentine's Day. I'm guessing it's a default message for crashing.

Well, I will check later in the day, and hope that these people that I sent cards to ... will actually be able to see the cards.



  1. Maybe you have too much time?

  2. Or, maybe Hallmark should have seen the demand of being the only large free ecard service left out there.

    And, I take Valentine's Day very seriously.