Good Bye, Uncle Lou

Uncle Lou and Aunt Edith, together now Posted by Hello

So, I found out tonight that my Uncle Lou passed away during his sleep last night. A couple weeks ago, he turned 98, so he had a full life.

Whenever I would be in New York for business, I made sure to make time to go see him in Brooklyn. He had lived in the same neighborhood forever and a day, and even when the neighborhood changed, he was fine. Everyone looked out for him, because he was a nice guy. Plus, a flirt who spoke fluent Russian (as the neighborhood was becoming Russia after being Jewish and Puerto Rican).

Last time I was in, he was in a Coney Island rehab hospital because he broke his hip. I spoke to the doctors, the nurses and rehab people all said the same thing: sweetheart, total flirt, great patient (when he listens).

I was going to try to get back to New York in a couple months, and see him. But, at least when I last saw him he was happy to see me, and I got to spend the day with him.

Goodbye Uncle Lou, and hope you were reunited with Aunt Edith and Fonda.