Snippets - Vonage Sensitivity, PR Driving Sales

  • Bad Timing Quote Award: Vonage!

    "Rising tides lift all boats,'' said Brooke Schulz, vice president of communications for Vonage.

    I guess Vonage forgot about a little thing called the Southeast Asia Tsunami, and wasn't fast enough to come up with another metaphor.

    One thing to note: while most companies have dedicated some part of their home page to disaster relief, there's no button or link on the Vonage homepage, nor does it look like they have sent out a release on the company's philanthropic endeavors for the Tsunami victims.
  • Is PR's objective to drive sales or awareness? Via PR Opinions comes this press release from SHIFT Communications.

    While, from the press release, it appears that some of the information is expected - marketing believes that PR is to drive sales, sales through PR have more clout - it's probably a study that hasn't actually ever been compiled. It's one of those things that needs to be seen on paper.

    And, let's be realistic - every PR firm notes that increased press and exposure can lead to increased sales and, for publicly traded companies, possible stock buys. But, just like PR can't promise press, we cannot promise increased sales. We can hand off tools to the sales teams - case studies, articles, press releases - but it all depends on if the sales team are a group of closers. And, coffee's for closers, dammit.

    Mike Manuel
    also blogged on this, and had a more succinct summary than me.



    1. I'm happy to provide you with a copy of the actual survey, if you're interested. Pretty eye-opening.

      And I hate to disagree with you, but you CAN measure PR's impact on sales leads and on closed business. And, no, we're not talking about ad value equivalency or "share of voice."

      Stay tuned for an annoucement that we think will really shake things up.


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