Snippets - MWW snort, Dunkin Donuts giggle, and HP wonderment

  • MWW starts blogging service. HA!: Well, actually, this is not a surprise to me that MWW has started a service to help its clients with the blogosphere. A lot of PR firms are going to get into this. But, as the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding on whether MWW can deliver what it is promising the clients. If this screws up royally, companies will sour on outsourcing blogs or hiring PR to promote them.

    Do the MWW people understand the blogosphere enough to correctly pitch blogs? As we have seen in the past, covert blogs don't work and people eat alive blogs that are overtly marketing tools.

    How is MWW going to carry this off? The company itself - admittedly - does not have a blog, and could not name any employees that blog. Plus, the two blogs mentioned for Nikon are the no-brainers - let's name some blogs that might not be mainstream, but are still influencers. Or, do they not know those blogs?

    Shel Holtz has a great analysis of the situation. My take? Leave the blogosphere to the hipper, younger, more nimble boutiques, as we are less apt to screw it up.
  • If HP blows it in the blogosphere, does anyone hear it? Andy Abramson usually blogs about VoIP and Internet Telephony.

    The other day, he goes off on HP and its lack of customer service, inability to build a good machine, and then having junior PR people get back in touch with him ... with no real help. Actually, no help at all.

    I wonder if HP has read this, or even aware of the power of the blogosphere. Granted, this isn't their core audience, but it's a highly read blog.

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