Snippets - CES vaporware, Panda Express, Cingular's Tsunami Fund

  • Is CES becoming COMDEX? Mike Langberg - the CE reporter - writes up about convergence being the word at CES. But, that convergence is likely going to be a long way off, and that right now it's hard to see who is going to do what, and if any of it will be delivered or rest in history as vaporware.

    My thought is if the show becomes too vapor-heavy, it might be doomed to the same end as COMDEX.
  • Bad fortune cookie fortunes: You will order more Orange Flavored Chicken in the near future.

    I like Chinese food, and it's always a toss-up when I want fast Chinese food on how much I want to spend: Pei Wei versus Panda Express. Or, if I'm turning left or right out of the house.

    Part of the Chinese food experience is the fortune cookie. Yes, it's a cliche, but I look forward to what a cookie says is going to happen.

    But, after my fortune last night, I likely won't be heading back. So, guess they were wrong on that fortune.
  • Texting for a cause. Cingular comes up with a good idea and way for people to donate toward the Tsunami efforts.

    Via Anthurian, Cingular has set up an SMS to give people a way to donate either 99 cents or $1.99.

    Now, this is cool - it's not a big amount of money, but has the opportunity to raise $46M if every member of the network does donate.

    Plus, it's a smart way to show off SMS to all its customers.