Why the hating on Lizzie?

When I have written on Lizzie Grubman in the past, I always get a lot of interesting comments, some of them not too nice.

Some of the comments have to do with her wealthy father, buying her way into public relations. While others question her credentials, and her ability to do good work.

The fact is - from sources that I respect - Lizzie does a bang-up job for her clients.

What is the problem that people have? If there is such hatred about Lizzie over her family wealth, these people need help.

But, if there is such jealousy against Lizzie, those people must also hate and be jealous of a lot of things in the world.

They must hate the Edelman family for being involved in Edelman PR and the Zeno Group; ironically, Richard blogged about running a family business this week.

Or, they must hate the Pritzker family, for owning the Hyatt Hotels.

Or, they hate the firms of Ruder Finn and RF/Binder Partners, which are also family-run.

Or, they hate almost every owner of an NFL team.

Are we beginning to see the hypocrisy of hating Lizzie so much? So, she started Grubman PR with the help of her father. She's succeeded into building it into quite the publicity shop, getting press for her clients. We should all be so lucky to have supportive parents that could help us establish a new business.