Snippets - Part II of RLM, Copyright issues with Blogs, HNY

  • Richard Laermer talks about blogs. In the second part of Kevin Dugan's interview with Richard Laermer, RLM brings up a point that is sadly being forgotten in the corporate blogosphere: not everyone needs to blog.

    Now, as for his desire to replace PR textbooks with his own book ... well, unless he's looking to become a professor, that might be a wee bit hard.
  • The risks with blogging. The blogosphere is like the Old West. It's lawless, it's loose with morals and codes, it's crazy at times. And, part of what's been lost in this lawless part of the 'Net is the ideas of ... a copyright.

    When I first got into the Internet, the Webmaster in college said - when I was learning HTML - that I should just steal designs from other sites, because that's how the Web is built.

    Well, that's how the blogosphere works also. I do cut-and-paste full stories from O'Dwyers because they are behind a subscription firewall. Do I think I am going to get a cease-and-desist letter from them one day? Well, no.

    But, it is confusing - am I able to quote from their articles? Would that fall into the white zone?

    Or, look at Drudge. Does he pay for any of the photos on his Website, and if not, how come AP or Reuters or Getty hasn't gone after him and sued?

    Shel Holtz has a great synopsis of the issues, and probably would be able to answer my questions :-)
  • Happy New Years! Be safe, have fun and see you on Monday....



  1. The fair use provisions implicit in U.S. copyright law give you the right to quote small portions of articles as long as you're using them in a non-commercial manner.

    So you have nothing to worry about in regard to quoting from O'Dwyers. As far as Druge and/or others putting photos on their site, if they indeed do come from the AP or some other similar source, they are violating copyright law unless they are a customer or have implicit permission to do that.

    You can show small clips of movies if it's connected to a bona fide news story, but I can't see how they could get away with the photos.