Snippets - Old Navy Blonde, Bowling for Yasser and Lists!!

  • From Adrants, the Old Navy's Blonde Blog! Someone out there has a thing for the blonde in the Holiday commercials for Old Navy, and has even set-up a blog about his obsession.

    Okay, I think she's cute also. But, I also look at those commercials and wonder if I shop at Old Navy, am I supposed to become taller and a little Stepford looking?

    Some nice publicity for the campaign, albeit a little creepy since he's trying to find out her name. Personally, I'm still waiting for the obsessive blog about the Dell Dellf.
  • Bowlmor is owned by Yasser!! Well, not exactly, but it turns out that the former terrorist/president Yasser Arafat sank about $1.3 million of Palestinian Authority funds into the hipster hangout in 2002.

    Now, I've bowled at Bowlmor, and it's cool. It's fun. And, it has great AC in the summer.

    I will give the company credit: it did not know about the investment, it is in the process of returning the money, and is stressing its Kosher kitchen and its ties to the Jewish community.

    Good example of crisis communications done well: find issue, address issue, make amends, if necessary.