Snippets - Blogs, MSN Space, XMas Gifts

  • "Blog" makes the dictionary. Millions of blogger heads swell up with self-importance, then explode, leaving the blogosphere empty.

    I continue to drink my 64 oz bottle of Odwalla OJ to fight a cold at home.
  • MSN Spaces Launches. And, the blogosphere goes nuts.

    I just launched my own MSN Spaces blog for POP! PR, just to test it out and play with it. I see that Robert Scoble, the MSFT evangelist, isn't going to switch over just yet. But, I think that's fine - from what I have been reading and playing with so far, MSN Spaces isn't for hardcore bloggers.

    To me, MSN Spaces is going after the My Space, Live Journal and, well, Blogger space - people that want to write about their lives (okay, 14 year old girls on some level), but quite easily through the integration with MSN Messenger.

    I give it a thumbs up - I think it'll give those services a run for their money and carve out a nice niche for itself. It seems pretty easy to use, it has some nice MSN IM integration, as well as mobile integration.

    I just don't expect to see tons of corporate blogs built on the platform.
  • How ethical is it to send XMas gifts to the media?

    Yesterday, on the leading morning news in Phoenix - Good Morning Arizona - Dan Davis commented that a local PR firm (okay, they are more like wannabe publicists) had sent everyone at the station a gift ... but him.

    Now, Dan's being doing TV here for 25 years. He's an Emmy winner, he's very personable and professional. I don't see him commenting on not getting a gift because he was upset that he didn't but more as a putdown of the firm and the ethics of giving gifts.

    How tacky, though, that they forgot him.

    So, readers ... what are your thoughts?



  1. Jeremy - Gifts are a bad idea. Even when you brief a reporter over lunch, you might not get the bill.

    The bottom line is ethics. If a gift involved, any coverage comes into question. Not to mention, it takes all of the fun out of landing the hit.

    Gifts never, great story ideas that help out the reporter/outlet/reader forever.

    Kevin Dugan
    Strategic Public Relations