Snippets - Blogs and Libel, RLM interview and

  • RLM on Primetime! Kevin Dugan of the Strategic PR blog interviewed Richard Laermer of RLM PR.

    It's an interesting read. A few things popped out at me: if there's such little respect for Lizzie, why did Richard point out his show beat hers to air? Also, that the show sounds like a good representation of public relations, and that Laermer tries to show that PR isn't just media relations.

    Make sure you catch RLM's 6 lessons for PR practioners. He has some good points.

    Now, if he had only rethought the name of that book ... Full Frontal?! Geez!
  • Blogging to the local level. is trying to take journalism back to the local level.

    Launched by a former WaPo reporter, the open-source journalism is going to have the locals write stories on issues that are, well, issues to them.